New Partnership Announcement: Design Milk X Embello

May 06, 2020

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Design Milk and Embello partner to offer the home industry enhanced digital marketing opportunities

Los Angeles, California, April 30, 2020 - Online media company Design Milk joins forces with Embello, an influencer marketing agency + platform, to broaden exposure and bolster brand storytelling in the home and design industry.

Quenching the thirst of design enthusiasts, modern-leaning Design Milk serves up the latest in home and innovations in modern design, as well as exposure to the newest and most innovative designers. The online magazine that quickly became the go-to site for unique, modern interiors, home furnishings, and art & architecture, is now one of the most popular design blogs, reaching millions of readers across the globe through its website, newsletter and various social media channels.

In 2018, after seeing the success of influencer marketing in the fashion + beauty realms and realizing no one was catering to the home market, Embello was born. Both an influencer marketing agency and a platform, Embello utilizes the latest in tech to make data-decisions on what influencers brands should be collaborating with, as well as how to best maximize campaigns to spread key brand messaging to influencers’ loyal audiences. Embello’s clients are to-the-trade & consumer-facing, and range from housewares and kids' products to fabric & fine furnishings.

The partnership, which utilizes Design Milk’s impressive audience and Embello’s strong influencer and brand relationships, will repackage pre-approved campaign content into stories to take on a new media form. This symbiotic relationship will expand upon Embello’s influencers’ devout audience of home design enthusiasts who are always looking for inspiration and ways to elevate their surroundings.

“I’ve been a big fan of Design Milk for years, and was introduced to Jaime Derringer during Modernism Week through a mutual friend of ours, Bobby Berk. I was excited to reconnect with Jaime years later at the most recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, where we started talking about a partnership that would provide our industry a complete online offering,” says Laiza Cors, Co-founder and CEO of Embello. “The timing could not have been more perfect, as more and more companies are now shifting efforts to digital.”

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A partnering online media platform gives Embello campaigns exciting new capabilities and a farther reach for clients, with opportunities like sponsored articles, social media posts, and e-newsletters. Design Milk will give selected Embello client campaigns a larger podium in which to celebrate the meaningful scope of work that is the content-creation process. Brands and influencers are also benefited by the collaboration with added SEO, publication potential, and broadened exposure.

“It gives us a larger, louder microphone to leverage. And by ‘us,’ we mean the home industry, as a whole,” says Design Milk’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jaime Derringer. “Partnering with Laiza and her team will allow Design Milk to reach more readers with our content and allow her partners to leverage Design Milk’s vast audience to amplify their rich content. Collaboration has always been at the heart of Design Milk and we’re excited to have found a great partner in Embello.”

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The Design Milk and Embello partnership will also amplify the coverage of and accessibility to influencers’ user-generated content featuring credible brands and their latest introductions. Ultimately, this new offering will benefit the end consumer: the readers, homeowners, designers, and content-hungry home enthusiasts, in addition to the participating brands and influencers.



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