The Shelby Report: Why You Should Incorporate Influencer Marketing into Your Marketing Strategy

May 15, 2020

the shelby report embello

Looking for an effective, authentic way to communicate with your target demographic or a new audience? Influencer marketing agency + platform, Embello, communicates key reasons why influencer marketing is an essential component of your overall marketing strategy.

Food and kitchen brands are missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on influencer marketing. Co-founder and CEO of influencer marketing platform, Embello, shares why leveraging influencers’ loyal audiences can benefit brands by driving awareness, growing your own social following, and driving web traffic to drive sales. Learn what’s cooking in the influencer marketing realm, now!

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Digital Company Embello Pairs Home Brands With Influencers

Influencer marketing agency and network, Embello, helps home brands promote their products and services to a target audience through collaborations with influencers.

Business of Home “Hashtag Blessed--Influencer Marketing 101” Design Workshop

Co-founder and CEO of Embello, Laiza Cors, joins home influencer and Embello talent relations strategist, Anne Sage, for an upbeat webinar conversation about all things influencer marketing.

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